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FlexClip Review – Is The Pricing Justified?

Are you a video blogger who shoots video on a daily basis or just a regular family man trying to capture every special moment? You will also use video in your work, marketing, or personal branding if you want to be successful on the Internet, attract the attention of the audience, and keep it. Video editing and creation tools are useful for presenting and archiving your precious memories in the best possible way.

So let’s take a look at one of those tools for you: FlexClip, your online video editor.

In this FlexClip review, we’ll look at how it lets you work on your videos online, right from your browser. As a result, many people will prefer FlexClip to having to go through the lengthy installation processes of editing apps like Camtasia, Movavi Video Suite, and so on.

The registration process is straightforward: you either sign in with Facebook or Google, or you create an account with an email address and a password. Then you proceed to the dashboard, where you can start working on your first project.

You can add clips (called storyboards inside the site) with videos, photos, or backgrounds once you’re in the project view. You’ll be given help cards along the way to help you become familiar with the workspace and options, so you won’t get lost.

When it comes to adding videos, you can choose from a variety of stock video options or upload your own from your computer. It’s worth noting that you can only add one video at a time (there’s no way to multi-select), which is a bummer.

After a while, the multi-clicking task of selecting which type of storyboard to add, then clicking “browse my file” and selecting a file from your computer becomes tedious.

Also, each video clip is limited to one minute, so if yours is longer, you’ll have to cut it down. If you want to use the entire clip, you’ll have to add it as a new storyboard and then trim another minute out of it, with no way to keep track of the marks where you trimmed the same video in the previous clip.

Keep in mind that when you add another storyboard (or piece of content), it will be added right after the one you selected, so keep that in mind before you do it, or you’ll have to reorder all of your clips, which you can do by simply dragging and dropping.

You have a few dynamic text options in the text department that are simple but effective. The font, size, alignment, and colours can then be changed. A clip, however, can only have one text box. Your current option will be replaced if you select another. As a result, each storyboard has one text box (or clip).

Then you can add music, and there are a lot of options here, including sound effects, which is nice… If it weren’t for the fact that you can only choose one piece for the entire video and there is no multi-track, you wouldn’t be able to have an effect on a part over the music… or even just one effect after another. When you select a track and then click “add music,” the track is replaced with no warnings.

You can add a watermark, position it on one of the four corners of the video, and adjust its size and opacity in the settings section. You can also change the video’s aspect ratio.

I understand that the purpose of this app is to create very simple videos, but there are a few things missing besides the ones I mentioned that make it difficult to choose this one over the many other similar apps that do a good (and better) job.


  • Modern & Easy Interface
  • Templates to choose from
  • Royalty Free stock Videos & Music
  • Web interface allows access from any device
  • Powerful editing tools to satisfy your requirements


  • Lacks undo button
  • Free version is very limited
  • Add text feature needs improvements
  • Limited amount of templates
  • Video output duration is low

Is there anything more appealing than a completely free programme that delivers on its promises? No! FlexClip is not for you if you want a programme with a lot of features, options, and plug-ins that can help you make a professional video.

FlexClip is not a video editor for advanced users who have a clear idea of what they want to accomplish and are concerned with video editing. It’s a video editor for most people who have never used video editing software before but want to try.