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The following are links to some of the best free software available. But first and foremost, there’s Elvis Presley. Isn’t it true that just hearing the name makes your heart skip a beat?

The King of Rock and Roll was blessed with talent (as well as sideburns) that cemented his status as a rock and roll legend. Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis Presley’s enigmatic manager, was one of the few people who came close to being as intriguing and charismatic as the King of Rock and Roll was. Similarly to P.T. Barnum, Colonel Parker had a primal understanding of human beings and was adept at capturing and sustaining their imaginations through theatrical and extravagant gestures. He also happened to be a successful businessman, as it turned out. Parker frequently mentioned a book he claimed to be writing, despite the fact that he never finished it. If something is free, how much does it cost? That was the question. Indeed.

Parker’s title may come across as snarky, but it perfectly captures a profound truth: if something appears to be too good to be true… well, you know the rest of the storey!

This brings us to the subject of this blog post: free whiteboard animation software for Windows.

Is there any free whiteboard animation software available? Yes.

Is it able to deliver? In a way, yes.

Should you make use of it? Most likely not.

Regardless, here are a few suggestions from us. These are the three best whiteboard animation software programmes, and they are listed in this order.

Adobe After Effects is the best software for animation, and it is also the best software for creating whiteboard animation. It is the software that is used to create national television commercials. It is the software that our team makes use of. Adobe After Effects is the best option if you want the best. Adobe provides a free trial version of their software at this link.

Videoscribe is a whiteboard animation software that is driven by templates. If you want, you can also upload images that the programme will “draw” for you. This is the software to use if you need to create an animation in a short amount of time. Unfortunately, because this software is available to everyone, the videos you create will only be moderately impressive. In addition to Photoshop and other software, you will need to download and install the programme. Here is the link to their free trial offer.

Doodly is another template-driven software that offered a free trial period in the past.

As you will see, the short-term outlook is favourable. Free whiteboard animation software is available, and these apps are useful; however, as Colonel Parker pointed out, it’s important to keep in mind that everything has a hidden cost, especially anything that claims to be THE solution to your issue. Free whiteboard software may appear to be worthwhile investigating (after all, it is free, right?). However, there are some hidden costs that you should consider before downloading and installing that app.
First, there is a learning curve.

Easy is a matter of perspective. If you are already familiar with animation, then a free whiteboard animation app may be completely intuitive for you to use. If not, you’ll need to take some time to experiment, learn, and perfect your technique. Keep in mind that there are a plethora of technical factors to consider, including whether or not your voiceover is audible and whether or not the animation makes any sense at all. Moreover, was the video exported correctly? The exact timing is up to you, but you’ll want to leave a reasonable amount of time between the time you begin learning how to use an app and the time you expect to receive your package.

  1. Time is equal to money.

While it is possible to create your own whiteboard animation from scratch, is this really what you should be focusing your efforts on? The existence of external vendors is due to the fact that the majority of business people must devote their time and attention to other matters. However, while the whiteboard animation app is free, the value of your time is not. The question is, how much of your time are you willing to give up, and would that time be equivalent to hiring someone who can do it more quickly and efficiently?

  1. A high level of professionalism

The fact that you’re considering using a free whiteboard animation app indicates that you’re not exceptionally good at whiteboard animation. Whether you’re a Financial Analyst or a Nuclear Physicist, chances are that your career is based on being exceptionally good at something. To put it another way, the best you can hope for when using a free whiteboard app is something passable, and is that really good enough for you? The fact that you’re working with a dedicated whiteboard animation studio means that you’re collaborating with the best of the best.