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What Is The TOP AI Text Generator?

Here’s a quick AI writing software buying guide for you, but then you can read further for more info.

We all produce online content. Some of us only compose emails, texts, or posts on social media. Some of us create the text that appears on our websites, in product descriptions, advertisements, and even customer support.

Software that can write content for you includes AI writing software. Tools for writing articles, books, blogs, and other types of content are provided by an AI-powered writing assistant. These are merely a few advantages of using AI writing tools.

You can expand your toolbox by incorporating AI writing.

If you’ve ever used an AI writing tool, you are aware of how useful they can be. But you also realise that they won’t soon take the place of true human intelligence.

No, AI won’t rob you of your job. It helps you maximise your work. By incorporating AI writing software into your content creation process, you can use AI technology to simplify and increase your productivity. Therefore, you have come to the right place if you are wondering “Why should I use AI writing tool?”.

What are the best AI software tools?

The best AI writing tools are listed below. I’ll give you an overview of each, highlighting its key attributes, cost, and conclusion. It is entirely up to you and your needs to determine how to find the best AI copywriting tool. I hope you find this buying guide for AI writing tools useful!

1. Rytr: Best for Beginners

Rytr is a content writing platform that uses artificial intelligence to create content for you. Rytr’s algorithms are trained on historical data to produce unique and compelling articles with the appropriate tone and style, as well as grammatically correct articles.

Rytr’s AI writing assistant will complete your article in less than an hour, with no human intervention required.

Rytr can currently produce text for a wide range of topics and niches, such as sports articles, business articles, reviews, blog posts, technology articles, and so on.


  • Content generation is made easy and quick with character count, word count, and tone checker.
  • Plagiarism check makes sure you have the highest quality of content.
  • Grammar check for your article to make it professional-level.
  • Discover what works best for your idea by generating content from our vast library of more than 2,000 ideas.
  • Personalize your content with a professional touch using Form Generator.
  • Rytr.me login to save your work tasks


Free Plan

Saver Plan: $9/month; $90/year (Get 2 months free!)

Unlimited Plan: $29/month; $290/year (Get 2 months free!)

Bottom Line

Rytr is a writing app that helps people write more quickly. It’s an excellent tool for bloggers and content creators who need to produce a large number of articles. Rytr also allows users to search for article ideas or even write them in real time.

The flaw is that Ryter does not have “recipes” like Jasper. Jasper gives you more granular control over the AI output. If you’re looking for a story writing ai, Ryter is great, but Jasper has more power.

2. Jasper: Best for Power Users

Jasper, formerly known as Jarvis, is a leader in AI writing software tools. Jasper obtained writing software such as Headlime and Shortly AI. At the time of writing, both tools are still standalone products; however, both intend to fully integrate with Jasper.

Make blogs, articles, books, scripts, and other content. Select a topic and form, fill in the details, and Jasper will write the content for you. It isn’t always good content, but it gets me through writer’s block. Jasper, the state of natural language generation in content marketing is now “content generation.” AI is a priceless tool.


  • Long-form document editor – a powerful tool that allows you to write full documents with AI-assistance.
  • Plagiarism detector – write without worrying about accusations of robbing someone else’s content
  • Speed writing – hit start, and the software will create a masterpiece for your blog post or article within few minutes!
  • Integration with SEO Surfer – a tool that helps you analyze keywords and optimize your content to rank in different search engines
  • Automated article writing software – if you give it enough parameters, content creator AI can almost write your articles for you in minutes
  • Facebook community which offers support, job opportunities, and more
  • Multiple languages
  • Write novels, blog/articles, video scripts, and more with Jasper!
  • AI wizard can produce over one million sentences


Jasper provides two pricing options: starter mode and boss mode. In my opinion, the main difference is that boss mode allows you to use the long-form document editor. In contrast, the starter mode provides writing frameworks for specific use cases.

Starter Mode: Starts at $29/mo for 20,000 words/mo.

Boss Mode: Starts at $59/mo for 50,000 words/mo.

SEO Surfer add-on: starts at $59/mo

While there’s no “official” free trial, you can get a 10,000-word credit using my link!

Bottom Line

I compared the output quality to Ryter, for example, and it wasn’t any better for me. I pay $120/month for unlimited content generation in Jasper, but I can get the same thing for $29/month in Ryter.

Note: Jasper no longer has an unlimited mode, so while it’s fantastic, you must stick to a monthly word limit.

HOWEVER. I continue to use Jasper because of the recipes and commands available. It creates a very powerful workflow and allows me to do a lot with it. Jasper is capable of a wide range of creative tasks, including movie script writing, so if you’re looking for an AI script writer with no customization constraints, give Jasper a look. Jasper is an AI writing software that uses recipes and commands to produce better writing results.

I didn’t include Headlime and the Shortly AI writing apps as separate items in this article because I looked at their websites and saw no indication that they were improving or expanding their product. Nothing is worse than using out-of-date and buggy software!

3. Surfer: Best for SEO Writing

Surfer is the tool I’d recommend you get if you can only get one tool. It assists you in creating SEO-optimized content, crawling the web for content ideas, and quickly beginning to rank in search engines.

One of my favourite features of Surfer is the document editor, which allows you to easily copy and paste directly into your website’s content management system (CMS) without having to reformat it. Because their document editor already includes all of the HTML tags, you only need to format it once.

Surfer has evolved into a well-rounded option now that it has released its own AI writing tool, Surfy.


  • Content planner – help you plan your content and content writing tools in surfer
  • Brief – help you create an AI outline with unique headings and paragraphs
  • Content editor – help you write with guidelines and get content suggestions
  • Audit – help optimize existing pages
  • Grow flow – help you boost your website with suggestions to improve your content
  • Keyword surfer – a browser extension that lets you instantly check keywords in Google
  • Surfer Academy – live and on-demand training
  • Directory of SEO writers
  • Writing masterclass – free to subscribers
  • Help you find the relevant words to rank in search engines
  • “Content generation” – the state of natural language generation in content marketing


Basic: $59/mo; $49/mo annually

Pro: $119/mo; $99/mo annually

Business: $239/mo; $199 annually

Bottom Line

If you’re a solopreneur or a small business owner looking for a tool with a lot of bang for your buck, Surfer is a must-have. Its advanced features and support tools make it an excellent addition to your content production pipeline.

4. Grammarly: Best Grammar Assistant

Grammarly is revolutionary! It’s the AI writing tool you didn’t think you needed, but do. It’s an excellent AI writing tool because it doesn’t just concentrate on grammar. It also considers the overall tone and style, ensuring that your content is appropriate for the target audience.

I enabled Grammarly, a feature that follows you around and reads everything you write. It’s similar to spell check, but it applies to everything you type. It is also more advanced than spell check in that it considers grammar, tone, and style, as previously mentioned.

If you find that creepy, you can always copy and paste your content into the Grammarly online application, and it will proofread it for you.

However, because it is an AI application, you must use your discretion when acting on its recommendations. The majority of the time, the suggestions are excellent. However, some of the suggestions are illogical.


  • Grammar checker – help you eliminate grammar mistakes
  • Contextual spelling checker – spell check your words in the right context
  • Punctuation correction – get help with all of your punctuation needs
  • Style suggestions – help you improve the overall tone and style of your writing
  • Integrated with a variety of platforms such as Google Docs
  • Error-free proofreading
  • Long-form content editor



Premium (for individuals): $12.00/mo

Business (for teams): $12.50/mo

Bottom Line

Grammarly is distinct from the other AI writing tools on this list in that it functions as your personal proofreader. It follows you and corrects your grammar mistakes. It’s an excellent content quality checker for writers. However, I believe it is a must-have for anyone looking to write professionally. What do you think? That is most likely everyone who is reading this article.

5. WriteSonic: Budget-Friendly SEO Writer

WriteSonic is an AI authoring tool that can generate personalised content based on your preferences and requirements. In addition, the software assists you by providing pre-written content that you can use as an outline for your own writing.

It can also assist content marketers in overcoming writer’s block and reaching their target audience. WriteSonic is the ideal solution for writers who are having difficulty coming up with new content ideas.

It enables them to create highly engaging, one-of-a-kind, and compelling content that can be shared across multiple social media platforms.

It is available for both PC and Mac users, with a free trial.


  • Generates top-notch marketing material for your brand in few minutes
  • Auto-generated blog post and optimized article in just a few seconds.
  • It generates the highest quality of contents related articles
  • AI-powered article and blog writer to give your writing the perfect tone, flow, structure, and voice.
  • It generates formidable marketing copy with simple clicks.


Free Trial: $0

Basic: $15/month

Professional: $45/month

Startup: $95/month

Agency: $195/month

Bottom Line

WriteSonic is a copywriting tool that allows people to write without having to type every single word. The best feature of WriteSonic is its email builder, which automatically sends you an email with your content pre-written. It saves you a lot of time and allows you to focus on other aspects of your job.

It is extremely simple to use and get started with. The only disadvantage is that it does not provide many features to free members, which means they cannot generate as much content as they would like before upgrading.

6. CopyAI: Best for Copywriting

CopyAI’s numerous automated creativity tools aid in the elimination of writer’s block. It also provides a variety of AI-created templates to assist you in getting started on your project.

CopyAI now includes a long-form document editor, allowing you to work on all of your ideas in one place.


  • Free version that’s absolutely free forever and no credit card required
  • Free tools that you can use don’t need you to sign in such as email subject line generator, Instagram caption generator, and business name generator
  • 100+ templates that you can use to generate copy
  • Easy to use interface
  • Ability to create: digital ad copy, social media content, website copy, eCommerce copy, blog content, sales copy, and much more
  • Multiple languages
  • Focus on target audience
  • Product descriptions
  • Long-form document editor


Free Plan

Pro: $49/month

Team: Custom Pricing

Bottom Line

CopyAI includes the same templates as Jasper, Scalenut, and other AI tools. So, how do we compare Jasper.ai and Copy.ai? CopyAI’s differentiator, in my opinion, is that it has a completely free version, is simple to use, and does not require a credit card.

Copy.ai has become a much better option in my opinion now that it has a long-form document editor. Scalenut has a free version as well, but it’s not as simple to use as CopyAI.

CopyAI, in my opinion, is for experienced writers who need a little help getting past writer’s block. With a free mode and unlimited credits in the pro mode, it’s one of the most affordable options. There is also no need for a paid plan here!

7. Copysmith: Copywriting for eCommerce

Copysmith is an artificial intelligence (AI) copywriting software that assists users in creating content for their blog or website. It also makes it simple to share and promote previously created content.

The platform provides a number of tools to assist users in creating various types of content, the most popular of which is the article builder, which allows users to create articles from scratch.

It offers a wide range of content to its clients, including blog posts, landing pages, sales pages, and webinars.

The tool employs artificial intelligence algorithms to generate unique text in the user’s writing style. It ensures that your campaigns are beneficial to both your customers and your company. Copysmith makes it simple to create high-quality content in any language.

With Copywsmith, the possibilities are endless because it provides you with tools to ensure that your campaigns are effective for both your customers and your business.


  • Various Templates to choose from, which cover virtually any need.
  • Built-in integrations that are designed to help you.
  • Powerful software that lets you create, organize, and edit your copy all in one spot
  • Affordable pricing with a top level of service.


Starter: $19/month

Professional: $59/month

Teams: $118/month for 2 users

Enterprise: For businesses looking for unlimited creation and control. Contact sales support.

Bottom Line

Copywriting is a time-consuming task that necessitates a high level of creativity and skill. With AI copywriting software like Copysmith, writers can easily save their ideas on the platform’s cloud storage.

The only issue is that credits can expire if not used within a certain amount of time. For example, if you purchase $100 in credits but do not use them within 12 months, your credits will expire and you will lose the money.

To avoid this, keep track of your credits and use them appropriately.

8. Article Forge: Industry Specific Writing

Article Forge is an AI copywriting software that automatically generates content for a specific topic or niche. Companies such as the BBC, Forbes, and The New York Times have used it to create articles on a variety of topics. Why should I use an artificial intelligence writing tool like Article Forge? Accelerating your work!

The software generates articles based on the keywords provided by using AI and machine learning.


  • Regular content articles that are written by real human writers on an hourly basis.
  • AI-generated content – articles are generated by the AI writer with pre-written text and images.
  • No spinner or binary choices.
  • It is the most affordable and simple tool to mimic a human mind and style of writing.


Standard: $27/month – 250,000 words/mo

Unlimited: $57/month

Bottom Line

While Article Forge is primarily a tool for creating web content, it can also be used for other purposes. It can, for example, be used to generate articles for your website or blog using pre-written content.

Article Forge has many user-friendly features, such as a drag-and-drop interface, templates, and more.

9. AI Writer: Content Generation Platform

AI Writer is an AI copywriting software that provides content creators with an AI writing assistant to help them generate content ideas at scale. The platform provides various writing services, such as content writing and blog writing.

It is one of the most precise content generation platforms, employing cutting-edge AI writing models to create articles from scratch. It will also provide you with high-quality and relevant content that is tailored to the needs of your target audience.

AI Writers, also known as content writers, are employed by businesses to produce a large number of articles. AI Writer is capable of working on a wide range of topics and niche markets.


  • Guarantees the quality of your content or article with a patent-pending algorithm that ensures every text is unique and original.
  • No need for SEO experts anymore. All content is automatically SEO-friendly.
  • You’ll never need an article topic when you have these full-length articles.
  • Provides citations for each point so that you can deliver accurate, quality content.
  • Get complete value for money by not having to search for the perfect article template online.


Basic: $29 per month

Standard Plan: $59 per month

Power Plan: $375 per month

Bottom Line

AI Writer is an easy-to-use writing tool with some really cool features. It is an excellent way for anyone to begin writing and publish their work.

However, AI Writer scrapes content from similar pages all over the internet, and that content frequently contains trademarked terms or other inappropriate language. As a result, it should be considered before making a decision.

10. Closers Copy: Proprietary Copywriting Machine Learning Model

Closers Copy is an AI writing software that does not use GPT-3, a machine learning model used by many other solutions. “These models are not trained to write marketing copy,” according to their website. Thankfully, our models are! When you use our AI, you get REAL marketing copy that sells your products and services. And because we own this technology, there are no content filters, restrictions, or limitations.”

Closers Copy has a Facebook community and a course to help you learn how to use their tool. However, I would proceed with caution because their website does not clearly communicate the value proposition.


  • Collaboration – amount depending on the tier you purchase
  • Artificial intelligence: Blog AI, SalesAI, StoryAI
  • AI content generator
  • Different language options
  • SEO Audits and Planning
  • Support
  • Community


There’s no free trial, but they do offer a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Power: $49.99/mo

Superpower: $79.99/mo

Superpower Squad: $99.99/mo


Closers Copy is a writing tool that should be considered if your main goal is to create SEO-optimized content.

11. Peppertype: Virtual Content Assistant

Peppertype is an artificial intelligence (AI) writing software that uses machine learning to understand what the user wants. This technology is used to provide the user with the most relevant responses.

It offers users useful insights into their moods and emotions, as well as recommendations for what they should do next.

AI writing assistants have a bright future, with more businesses adopting this technology and using it to generate content and insights for their clients.

Peppertype is an excellent tool for writers who want to get help with their writing process without having to spend time learning how to use it.


  • Sentence formatting in a way that gives the best readability and engagement across different mediums
  • Powerful engagement metrics to readjust and analyze your content on the go
  • Automatic sentence rephraser that quickly transforms sloppy writing into polished prose
  • Automatic grammatical checker with AI to ensure mistakes are caught before they make it out of the door
  • Advanced plagiarism checker to prevent misuse of words, ensuring your content is unique.
  • Advanced style editor helps you to design with ease without any complex technical knowledge


Starter Plan: $25 per month

Growth Plan: $165 per month

Bottom Line

Peppertype has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to type in a keyword or phrase and it will generate content for you based on that. It accomplishes this through the use of copywriters’ and AI’s experience.

Peppertype.ai is a fantastic tool for copywriters who want to improve their craft while also having fun!

The company has a variety of templates available, but keep in mind that the options are limited. The platform does not appear to have a long-form editor.

12. Neural Text: Free Tool for Copywriting

Neural Text is a platform that uses machine learning to generate text automatically. It has been used in a variety of industries, including healthcare, education, and marketing. Journalists have also used the platform to create articles with the assistance of AI.

Several advances in natural language processing (NLP) have occurred in recent years, increasing the accuracy of this technology.

Because the system learns from data, it will improve as more data is added to it.

It is a platform for writers and content creators to create original text while also reading and sharing existing texts.


  • AI algorithm that scans for the best and most relevant keywords for your product or niche.
  • Powerful content optimizer that boosts the quality of the content.
  • Master keyword clusters to get high-quality traffic from the web.
  • Automatically find the best keywords to increase your keyword density in order to reach more potential customers.


Free Forever: $0

Starter: $49/mo for freelancers or solopreneurs.

Pro: $119/mo for larger teams and established companies.

Bottom Line

Neural Text creates an autonomous vehicle for the written word using the same technology as self-driving cars. It is based on machine learning, so it will be able to learn and improve over time, making it more effective.

However, a more intuitive interface and user experience would be preferable. Users could see their performance in real-time using the keyword difficulty measurement tool.

What is an AI writing assistant?

AIwriting assists content writers in the content generation process in content production. Brainstorming ideas to generate unique article draughts could be part of the process. Landing pages, product descriptions, YouTube video titles, marketing copy, and Google ads can all benefit from AI-assisted content marketing.

However, AI writing assistants are not yet at the level where popular blogs rely on them for every post from scratch without any human intervention.

Using AI writing improves anyone’s writing skills and allows them to save time.

How do AI writers work?

Combining artificial intelligence with machine learning algorithms to create literary neural networks is what artificial intelligence is all about. AI software training teaches these networks to read text and then experiment on their own. Once the computer has gained knowledge through intensive repetition, it can begin to mimic actual writing with astonishing accuracy.

Is AI writing good for content creators?

I believe AI writing software can be a great supplement to content writing, assisting in the creation of blog posts, advertisements, landing pages, and so on. These best AI tools make content marketers’ dreams come true. Although there are many different types of AI software, they all learn from previous writing and can then generate large amounts of content to assist content writers.

It enables you to progress from basic Google docs to advanced features found only in AI writing software tools. The state of natural language generation in content marketing is referred to as “content generation.”

Why should I use an AI writing tool?

There are numerous advantages to using AI writing tools.

Consider AI to be a tool that can assist you. Not something terrifying that will cost you your job. It will speed up your work and streamline your workflow. You can create more content and make better use of your time. AI content writing tools can help you improve your writing process.

Don’t just ask, “Why should I use an AI writing tool?” instead of asking yourself, “Why shouldn’t I use an AI writing tool?”

Final thoughts

Before making a decision, always conduct your own research. While this AI writing software buying guide contains a wealth of information, you will have your own set of requirements.

The best AI writing assistants are game changers for content creators who want to experiment with new styles or topics without worrying about article quality. Content creation is a massive task, and an AI writer can relieve some of the pressure if you’re struggling to meet deadlines. So far, no AI author has won the Pulitzer Prize, but it’s only a matter of time before they do.

AI can help you write content that is both creative and accurate if you have the right tools. Look for an AI writing tool that allows you to try it out before committing to a subscription.

Check out SurferSEO if you want to write SEO-optimized content that ranks in search engines. It is extremely powerful and provides numerous educational resources. It will also launch its own AI writing assistant in the near future.

Jasper, in my opinion, is the most powerful AI writing tool available, but it is also the most expensive and does not support unlimited words. Scalenut is an excellent document editor and SEO tool. It’s completely free! Check out Copy AI if you just want to get rid of writer’s block. When you compare Copy.ai to Jasper.ai, you will get different results. For me, Jasper.ai wins because of its recipes and customizable content.

QuillBot is a free tool that can be used without requiring a login. If you’re a student or need to use citations frequently, this is your one-stop shop.