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A Brutally Honest Review of The CreateStudio $67 Lifetime Access

Hello and welcome to my CreateStudio Review.

In this Create Studio review, I’ll go over everything you need to know about this new 2D and 3D video animation software, including its benefits, features, drawbacks, pricing, and frequently asked questions.

It is no longer a secret that video can make your product or service easier to understand. Simultaneously, video content gains visibility and can encourage and motivate buyers to make faster purchasing decisions.

As a result, it is clear that in order to succeed in online business, you must create high-quality video content.

You can now create high-quality video content quickly and easily with CreateStudio, even if you don’t have any video editing skills.

Yes, Create Studio is a new and advanced video-making software that simplifies the creation of complex videos and animations.

It will assist you in producing effective explainer videos, scroll stopper videos, whiteboard videos, and even doodle videos for your target audiences.

I’ll show you everything in great detail. So, let’s get started with the Create Studio review…

Create Studio Overview


create studio review

Review Summary

  • CreateStudio is a revolutionary and cutting-edge 2D & 3D video animation software + doodle video creation software for Windows and Mac that will be released in May 2020. It is appropriate for all video creators. You can make doodle + animation videos – It’s simple to use and suitable for beginners – There are training videos available – Commercial license requires a one-time payment of $67.
  • CreateStudio offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so your investment is completely risk-free. You have nothing to lose by using Create Studio. Try It Right Now.

What is Create Studio? (Let’s find in this Createstudio Review)

CreateStudio is a fantastic desktop video animation software (Windows and macOS) designed for all video creators. This is a game-changing animation video editing software that allows creators to create engaging video content for social media, landing pages, and more.

If you are an agency owner or an individual looking for custom animation software to create unique motion videos (such as 2D & 3D animated explainer videos, promotional videos, doodle videos, social media ad videos ads including scroll stopper video, logo strings, and lower third animations) for clients or your own YouTube channel, CreateStudio is the right choice for you.
As a result, this review can assist you in considering and incorporating video content creation into your digital and content marketing strategy.

Examine the significance of using videos on your e-commerce website, blog, affiliate marketing websites, and social media platforms.

High-quality video content can aid in online growth.
You can increase traffic and sales by using video marketing.
CreateStudio can assist you in the same way.

So, what types of videos can CreateStudio produce? CreateStudio is an easy-to-use video-making software that allows you to create any type of video. You have the ability to…

  • Video Ads with Animation
  • Promotional and sales videos
  • Animations in the lower third
  • Videos of local businesses
  • Videos of doodle sketches
  • Videos for eCommerce
  • Videos on social media
  • Videos that stop the scrolling
  • Explainer videos that are animated
  • Videos of Featured Products
  • Animation videos in 2D and 3D

Who Can Use CreateStudio?

It is intended for freelancers, eCom business owners, and anyone involved in online business. It is also for you if you are working on your personal brand or client projects.

Let’s take a look at who can benefit from this animation video-making software.

  • Digital marketers
  • Affiliate marketer
  • Content marketers
  • New video editor
  • Website Design Companies
  • Small business owners
  • Freelancer
  • Video creator
  • Website owners
  • eCommerce business owner
  • Social media marketers

As I mentioned earlier in this Create Studio review, marketers who use videos have the best chances of converting visitors into customers.

In a nutshell, it means increasing ROI (Return On Investment).

Create Studio Benefits

  • Completely beginner-friendly.
  • Drag and drop functionality that is simple to use!
  • Create videos in any size you want – square, vertical, 16 x 9, and so on.

The following are a list of the advantages of using Create Studio Software: If you want a one-word answer, CreateStudio is time-saving, and the majority of the animation will be completed in just a few clicks.

Create Studio can provide digital marketers, content creators, bloggers, and entrepreneurs with a plethora of opportunities to make money online. Start putting it to use.

CreateStudio Features

  • Create Studio is easily downloadable and installable on both Mac and Windows.
  • Timeline Editor: The drag-and-drop timeline editor allows you to easily edit videos.
  • Unlimited Exports: Create and export an unlimited number of videos in any resolution, including 4K!
  • Text Typography: Make kinetic text typography videos, among other things.
  • Text to Speech is a built-in feature of CreateStudio; no additional software is required.
  • Animation Presets: Use animation presets with a single click to easily animate any storey you want to tell.
  • The Motion Builder: Quickly create videos by dragging and dropping scenes made of pixels.
  • Animated Elements: Ability to create and export an unlimited number of videos in any resolution, including 4K!
  • Explainer videos: With your 20 text characters, use the animated characters to explain the videos.
  • Unlimited Emojis: Great social media videos always have great messages to them. Emojis can be used to respond to your message.
  • Green Screen: The green screen feature allows you to remove background colours and edit green screen footage with a single click.
  • SVG Compatibility: Import and animate SVG images, as well as change colours.
  • Create Masks: You can use the inside and outside mask layers to add masks and animate your elements.
  • Over 50 Pre-Made Templates: With 50 pre-made video templates, you can easily speed up your video creation process.
  • Over 40 Training Videos: Use the training videos to improve your video-creation experience with CraeteStudio.
  • Use the gradient and other special effects to quickly customise your video.

Green screen editing is useful for marketers like you because it allows you to remove the background and replace it with your preferred one with a single click.

Other features include editing scenes, characters, transitions, backgrounds, and Video FX, as well as combining them with video clips, images, and audio files.

It gives you a lot of leeway when it comes to making videos. You can easily animate each element and even import.svg files.

Create Studio Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons


The Good

  • The platform is extremely adaptable and simple to use.
  • Animated 2D and 3D characters will add to the appeal of your videos.
  • You’ll love the built-in animated templates.
  • You can make your first animation videos with the help of the tutorials.
  • Create stunning videos for your social media posts in an instant.
  • The best video creation software for agencies, and it is available to the entire team.

The Bad

  • You can not create proper 2D, 3D character Lip Sync animation

CreateStudio Pricing


Get CreateStudio Now for just $67!

Lifetime access: CreateStudio software
Create UNLIMITED Videos
Commercial use license
Install on upto 2 devices
Doodle sketch creator
50 Done for you templates
8x Free 3D Animated Characters
20x Free 2D Animated Characters
3x Scroll Stopping Effects
30+ Backgrounds
100+ Animated Emoji’s
Greenscreen color removal
Create gorgeous explainer videos
Text-to-speech creator
Linear & radial gradients
Pexel’s royalty-free stock media integration
30 Day risk-free money back guarantee

Don’t forget to purchase the All Access Pass while you’re checking out, as it will give you more creative freedom. Upgrade your CreateStudio account to gain access to the resources listed below…
– over 500 video templates
– over 80 scroll stopper templates
– over 120 premium 2D/3D characters
– Over 250 still and animated backgrounds
– tens of thousands of animated elements
– A library of custom audio and sound effects
– Special video transition effects
– and 30 new templates each month

Create Studio guarantees a 30-day money-back guarantee, and I don’t think there’s a better deal than that!

CreateStudio Conclusion

All of CreateStudio’s features and editing capabilities inspire me greatly, and I believe it is one of the most advanced and revolutionary video animation software programmes ever created.

That is why I wrote this in-depth review.

It is a one-time investment that will pay off for video creators for the rest of their lives. Through this review, I strongly recommend this video editing software to everyone.

If you want to take your online marketing to the next level, you can start using it right away.

Rather than spending a lot of money hiring experts to create a single video, you can rely on your own expertise and create videos with your skills, and CreateStudio will ensure your success.