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VideoScribe Review: The Best Whiteboard Animation Software?

Finding the best whiteboard animation software that meets your needs can be difficult. There is a lot of software on the market right now, and making a decision requires a lot of thought and consideration. Video Scribe is a popular software for whiteboard animation and it’s made by a company know as Sparkol.

In this review, we will look at the software’s features, benefits, drawbacks, and other pertinent information. By the end of the review, you should have a thorough understanding of the software, enough to determine whether it is the right software for you.

In this VideoScribe review, I will provide you with all of the necessary information about the software, as well as my honest opinion, so you can decide if it is the best option for you.


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What is VideoScribe?

VideoScribe whiteboard animation (also known as Sparkol VideoScribe) is a well-known whiteboard animation software that allows you to easily create amusing whiteboard videos.

Whiteboard animations are one of my favourite types of animation. They are, in my opinion, an excellent style of video content that captures and holds the attention of the audience.

You’ve probably seen a few examples where an artist doodles while a voice over plays.

VideoScribe enables you to create these videos without the need for a costly artist or voice over actor.

Video Scribe comes in a variety of flavours. The most recent version of the software includes a slew of useful features that elevate it above previous versions. This whiteboard animation software has a user-friendly interface and is simple to use.

Sparkol, the company behind the Video Scribe software, was founded in 2012. It has over 500,000 users in various countries around the world since its launch. Some of the similarities can be attributed to the software’s development in Adobe Flash.

You can create Flash videos with Video Scribe and then export them to other software. The iPad version of Video Scribe won the award for Best Mobile B2B app in 2013.

It has since been used to create whiteboard animations by several popular websites. Mashable, for example, has used it to create videos. It’s available on the app store for both iOS and Android. You can also use it on a desktop computer.

The desktop version has the most features and functionality. It provides a seven-day free trial for you to test out the features and decide whether it is right for you. After you’ve tried out the free trial, you can choose between monthly, yearly, or one-time subscriptions.

Sparkol VideoScribe software is used to create whiteboard animations and explainer videos. Voice-overs and images can be added to the videos that are created.

VideoScribe Features

In this section of my VideoScribe review, I’ll go over the software’s main features in greater depth.

The programme includes a plethora of entertaining and useful features. Despite its simple interface, the editor for creating videos is quite powerful. The editor is divided into two sections: the main canvas area and the toolbar at the top and bottom.

During testing, I discovered that creating a video is incredibly simple because everything is laid out with impressive speed. You can use the aforementioned toolbar to add anything you want, including images, voice-overs, and text.

When you’ve finished making your video, you can easily share it on social media sites like Facebook or YouTube.


Creating a video necessitates the use of images and other forms of media. This is where the Video Scribe really shines. You can use the software’s extensive library of stock images. These come in a wide range of styles, and you’re sure to find something that suits your needs.

During my testing, I noticed that the images are divided into two categories: free and paid. You can use the free images if you have a copy of Video Scribe. Paid images, on the other hand, will incur additional costs after you choose which of the two to use, click on it, and insert it into the scene.

Surprisingly, each image can be customised further. It opens a page where you can customise how it appears on the screen. You can change the visibility, brush size, and other parameters.

Images and files can also be imported. This feature distinguishes Video Scribe from other software on the market. As a result, if you can’t find a suitable image in the library, you can always bring your own. Importing files is also very simple. There are various options that you can use or move. JPEGs and PNGs are two of the most common. SVGs are the best option, at least for us.

When you import an SVG file, you will be able to enjoy a full drawing effect, just like any other file from Video Scribe’s stock library.

You can either import an image from your computer or download one from the internet.


The animations in this programme are simple to use and understand.

During our testing for this review, we were very impressed by the software’s ability to support nearly every function imaginable. Everything is simple to use and understand.
When we first opened the programme, we were struck by how straightforward everything was.

With this simple yet powerful software, you can create videos that would normally require more powerful hardware.

Scene Animation

The scene animator and timeline are two more appealing features of the Video Scribe programme. You can use this feature to drop and drag text, images, and other objects into a scene. You can, however, arrange them.

I was particularly fond of the buttons on the timeline’s right side. The buttons provide a variety of functions such as paste, copy, viewing eye, and more.


Another area where this programme excels is in the audio section. Video Scribe includes a large library of audio and voice-overs. This programme contains over 200 clips. These clips can be chosen and even altered to some extent. When you see the library, you can select the track’s duration.

Adding voice-overs is one of the simplest features of the programme. You will click on the microphone icon. Next, speak to the computer or smartphone, and your voice will be recorded. While this is a useful feature in general, you cannot edit the voice-over. This means that you must get the voice-over just right, or else you will have to start over. It is also impossible to join voice-over clips.

How can you get around this? Some third-party programmes will allow you to make an MP3 and then import it into the video. The music or voice-over can come directly from the computer or device. You can also import a previously downloaded track. It is extremely simple.

Text Insertion

Although voice-overs are useful for conveying information, text is also required for the video. It adds to the video’s appeal. Text can be inserted into Video Scribe.

This programme allows you to insert text in a variety of fonts and sizes. There is a large library of these fonts to choose from when writing your text.

Overall, this is a fantastic function. The editor is simple and easy to use, and it reminds us of a regular animation editor in more ways than one. You can enter text by opening the window and selecting a font type. The small window closes once the text has been entered. That is for the simple text editor.

There is a more complex text editor available. This one lets you change the animation, colour, and other aspects of the text.


Video Scribe makes it simple to export your whiteboard animation after you’ve completed it. If you use the trial plan, you can only export to Facebook, YouTube, and Powerpoint, and the animation will be watermarked.

However, if you have a paid plan, you can export it to various devices and formats. You can also put it on your website. The best part is that no watermarks will be used.

Although the programme is fairly secure, if you want to export to Facebook or YouTube, you must enter your username and password. The good news is that it still respects your privacy and will not attempt to locate you.

So far, the ability to export to Powerpoint is the best feature of this software. This is something I haven’t seen in other market options. It greatly simplifies your work if you need it for a presentation.

You can send it as a video file in addition to exporting it as a slide. You have the option of using up to three different formats. The resolution is 640p without any customization. You can, however, increase the resolution to 1080p. You can choose the frame rate when exporting.

VideoScribe Drawbacks

There are numerous reasons to like VideoScribe. However, it, like many other products on the market, has flaws.

One major issue we had was that some of the search terms were mislabeled or did not have images available. I could, however, solve this by importing images from the system.
Another disadvantage is that when using text, only the basic fonts are pre-installed. Before you can use the other fonts, you must first download them.


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VideoScribe Pricing

VideoScribe pricing is divided into individual and single licences.

There are a range of single licence to suit most budgets:

  • Monthly Plan
  • Yearly Plan
  • One Off Plan

Given that it is available on a smartphone, some have wondered if it is free. VideoScribe, on the other hand, is not free. All of that hard work and effort deserves to be rewarded. However, you can use the programme for free for 7 days before having to subscribe to continue using it.

During the free trial period, you can create as many animations as you want; however, you can only export to Facebook, YouTube, and Powerpoint. All videos you create will also have a watermark.

So, given that it isn’t free, how much does it cost? The cost is determined by the plan you choose.

VideoScribe Review – Final Words




So, to return to the title of this final VideoScribe review section: is it any good?
That’s right, it is!


VideoScribe is an excellent whiteboard programme. It’s reasonably priced, and you get a lot of features for your money.

Are you considering purchasing VideoScribe? If that’s the case, please let me know in the comments if you’d like to learn more about the programme.

However, keep in mind that VideoScribe offers a 7-day completely free trial. Don’t just take my word for it; try it for yourself. And then, in the comments, let me know what you think.

Based on our testing, this is one of the cleanest and easiest-to-use animation programmes available. We recommend it to anyone with a reasonable budget who is looking for a programme that will produce high-quality videos.

It was a breeze to use the programme, and we believe that everyone will have a great time with it. Get yours today and have fun making whiteboard animations!


Can I use VideoScribe for free?

For a week, you can try VideoScribe for free (no credit card required)…. NOTE: Your free trial period begins when you first log in to VideoScribe, not when you download the software, allowing you to explore when it is most convenient for you. You must first download and install the VideoScribe desktop app for your Windows or Mac computer.

Which is better Doodly or VideoScribe?

When comparing VideoScribe and Doodly, the quality and timeliness of support is an important factor to consider. VideoScribe provides email, live support, and tickets as customer support, whereas Doodly only provides email.

Is VideoScribe free for students?

Sign up for a free 7-day trial to make unlimited animated videos. With an impressive video resume, you can get that call back. Here’s how it works… You’ve been asked to give a presentation in class; brace yourself for sweaty palms!

Is VideoScribe worth buying?

VideoScribe is very simple to use. The simple user interface greatly aids in quickly identifying objects and placing them in our animation. In addition, VideoScribe’s sounds and images make the work easier and more efficient. Overall, VideoScribe is one of the best animation programmes on the market right now.

Is VideoScribe paid?

You can pay for your VideoScribe subscription in a variety of ways, including monthly, quarterly, annual, and one-time* payments. The monthly, quarterly, and annual payment plans will automatically renew until you cancel your subscription. Premium images are not included in the VideoScribe subscription price.

Is VideoScribe safe to use?

If you choose to export to YouTube or Facebook, you will be prompted to enter your account information for those platforms. While this gives VideoScribe access to your account, it can’t do anything without your explicit permission, so it’s completely safe.

How do you make money on VideoScribe?

Make money by selling your video creations.
In an online course, you can share your knowledge.
Make videos to promote and sell your products and services.
Make money from your videos by selling advertising space.
Make use of affiliate marketing.

How much does videoscribe cost?

There are a range of single licence to suit most budgets:
Monthly Plan
Yearly Plan
One Off Plan