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Wave.video Review: Can It Scale Your Video Marketing?

If you’re reading this Wave.video review, I’m guessing you want to start a video marketing campaign or improve the results you’re getting now. With so many tools to choose from, it’s critical to know which one meets the majority of your requirements and is reasonably priced. Review of the video Wave.
Let’s take a closer look at the Wave.video Review video marketing platform.



Wave.video is a user-friendly app that makes creating video content for online and social media marketing simple and painless. It also includes a very good stock graphic and stock video clip library to draw from.

Adding videos to any marketing channel today ensures that your message reaches a wider audience and generates more engagement and sales. You can include product overviews or video customer testimonials on your website, add an explainer video to your how-to article, include a video in your email campaign, run video ads, and create fun social media posts, among other things.

Wave.video is a platform that brings together a variety of tools under one roof and allows you to integrate videos into your marketing and sales funnels.

Wave.video Review in Short

Wave.video is a video marketing platform that includes a full online editing suite, cloud-based video hosting, and a landing page builder all in one place. Essentially, you can do the following with just one platform:

  • host and embed your videos on your website;
  • Make videos for any marketing channel
  • include videos in email campaigns
  • Make videos for any marketing channel

Each Wave.video plan includes all of these tools, allowing you to manage full-cycle video marketing campaigns. Consider how you can use Wave.video to create engaging promotional videos, upload the recording to Wave.video hosting, add captions, embed it on your blog, send your webinar via email, and repurpose parts of it into social media posts to boost engagement. Wave.video can help you with all of these steps.

Wave.video’s Key Features: What Are the Benefits of Using Wave.video?

Everything you’ll need to edit video

With the Wave.video editor, you’ll be able to create a wide range of professional-looking videos. Among online video editors, it has the most comprehensive set of editing features.

Wave-video is a royalty-free video editing library with over 100 million clips and images.
Upload and cut your own video footage with ease
For more than 30 of the most popular formats, there’s an auto-resizing tool.
Auto-captioning software that allows your videos to speak in silence.
Text editor with a large number of beautiful animation effects that can be applied in real time.
30 layouts that can be customised to help you keep your videos looking fresh and unique.
To nail a great composition of every footage, use the drag-and-drop feature.
To always add a mood to your videos, you’ll have access to a royalty-free music library.
To keep all of your videos recognisable and consistent, use the watermark function and the branded pre-set.
Call-to-action on every last footage will remind you to ensure that you lead your viewers further through the conversion funnel. Graphics & Stickers will encourage you to have some fun while editing and boost social media engagement.

Even if you’re a novice video maker, your video design skills will impress you with Wave.video editor. It has a very simple and intuitive interface that reduces the learning curve significantly.

There are over 1000 pre-designed templates available.

Whether you’ve never made a video before or make them on a regular basis, you might find some useful examples for inspiration. Wave.video has a large selection of ready-to-use videos in a variety of styles for a variety of industries and business cases.

By category or keyword, you can look for a template that will help you solve your problem. You can quickly create a video that works for you by simply changing the colours, text, and messages.

Ad-free video hosting with a player that can be customised

If you create videos for your website, you don’t want YouTube to detract from your efforts by showing you random video ads or suggesting webinars hosted by your competitors. Keeping all of your videos on a cloud-based video hosting service is one way to avoid this.

With Wave.video hosting, you can store all of your videos in one location and embed them into your website using light-weight responsive codes. As a result, your videos will automatically adapt to any screen size and will not slow down your website.

You can also customise the video player to fit your preferences and objectives. To ensure that your viewers have the best viewing experience, colour it with your brand palette and change the controllers.

The advantage of having an editor and hosting platform in one place is that you can fix embedded videos whenever you need to.

Organize Your Most Valuable Assets

With Favorites folders, Wave includes tabs and folders that make it easier to keep track of great images, video, and audio clips you purchase or upload. Any Favorites you find can be saved for later.

Now, when I come across a great music clip and think to myself, “I’ll use that later,” I’ll remember it!


Some of my favourite “Wave.video things” will be saved for last. I adore the fact that Wave.video allows you to add stickers to your videos.

Animations and stickers Give your video a lot of personality.

Brand Your Videos

The ability to add your brand assets, such as logos, colours, and fonts, is one of Wave’s most powerful features. This feature is only available on the Pro and Agency Plans, but it’s well worth it if you produce a lot of video and need to create branded content.

It’s simple to set up your brand – simply create a new one and add your logos, colours, fonts, and preferred text styles.



Wave.video is a user-friendly app that makes creating video content for online and social media marketing simple and painless. It also includes a very good stock graphic and stock video clip library to draw from.

Wave.video Pricing | How much does Wave.video cost? Wave.video Review Pricing

Wave.video has a monthly and annual subscription option that saves you up to 20%. You will be able to create an unlimited number of videos regardless of which plan you choose. Let’s look at which subscription level will meet all of your company’s requirements.

Wave.video Free Plan

You can start with the free version of the Wave. video platform if you want to learn more about its features. It allows you to make 15-second video clips and experiment with the full range of editing options.

You’ll also have the opportunity to upload up to 5 videos to Wave.video and embed them on your website to test the hosting’s capabilities. To summarise, a free version of Wave.video includes the following features:

Editing time is limited to 15 seconds.
Wave.video branded player with unlimited social media native shares
2 million royalty-free video clips and images are available to you.
5 free video embeds with 1 brand preset

Wave.video Creator Plan

You can create 15-minute videos and download them to your laptop with the Creator plan. You’ll also be able to embed up to 20 videos on your website and customise a video player to look like your own. It’s ideal for SMBs and outsourced video producers because it allows you to create an unlimited number of video ads, social media videos, explainers, and other sales-generating videos. Here’s the full list of features you’ll get:

Editing time is limited to 15 minutes.
Unlimited native social media shares
Video player that can be customised
5 million royalty-free video clips and images are available for download in mp4 format.
20 free video embeds from a single brand

Wave.video Business Plan

You should choose the Wave. video Business plan if you want to drastically scale your or your clients’ video marketing. You’ll be able to create as many short and long format videos as you need to achieve your objectives. You’ll have access to over 100 million royalty-free video clips and images, as well as the ability to customise your fonts.

You can also add captions to all of your videos and design them in different styles if you have a Business plan. You’ll have branded pre-sets for 50 different clients if you run a digital marketing agency. What you’ll get is as follows:

Editing time is limited to 30 minutes.
There are over 100 million royalty-free video clips and images available.
50 different brand presets
Automatic captioning is available indefinitely.
Add your own fonts to the mix.
Unlimited native social media shares
Download in mp4 format
a sneak peek at the whitelabel
200 video embeds are available for free.
Video player that can be customised
Videos that are password-protected

Conclusion: Wave.video Review 2022: Research Wave video pricing, reviews, and features, as well as compare Wave vide to other top Video Editing Software.

Wave.video is a great place to start if you’re interested in learning more about video marketing or just looking for a simple tool to help you get more done. This is a fantastic platform for all of your video campaigns aimed at increasing your business and sales.
It’s a fantastic all-in-one solution for making business videos that drive traffic and sales.



Wave.video is a user-friendly app that makes creating video content for online and social media marketing simple and painless. It also includes a very good stock graphic and stock video clip library to draw from.

Is there a free trial plan available from Wave.Video?

Yes, they do have free trial plans available.

How do I use Wave video to edit videos online?

Wave.video allows you to do a variety of things, including combining video clips, editing video, adding voice overs, and applying music filters, among other things.

What makes Wave.Video such a powerful video marketing tool for small businesses?

Wave.video is an online video creation and hosting platform that can be used to create, repurpose, and embed short promotional videos, videos for a blog or website, video ads, social media videos, and more.